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Root Canal

Diagram of tooth showing rootFew people want to hear that they need a root canal, but many people also do not fully understand what the procedure actually is. The team at Everglades Family Dental performs root canals regularly, and the process is not as major or as painful as many people think. In fact, the goal of a root canal is to eliminate pain while also saving the tooth. Many people have had a least one root canal in their lives. If you have not, continue taking care of your oral health and you may be able to avoid it.

Why Are Root Canals Important?

A root canal is done when the pulp of a tooth is inflamed or infected by bacteria. This infection can hurt, and eventually, it can create what is called an abscess. This is one of the most painful and severe oral health issues. It can lead to bacteria spreading to your lungs, brain, and heart, and if untreated, an abscess can be fatal. This is why a root canal is so important. If you allow the infected pulp to remain, it becomes a gateway for bacteria to spread.

What Occurs During a Root Canal?

If we have determined that the root of the tooth is infected, it is time for a root canal. First, we will numb the area around the tooth so you do not feel anything during the procedure. We then use a small tool to create a hole in the tooth, though if the tooth is already decayed, we may not need to do this. Once we are into the center of the tooth, we will scope out the pulp. Once it is gone, we clean out the inside of the tooth, removing all of the bacteria. We then fill in the tooth with a special compound that is cemented down.

After we finish with the root canal, we will put a temporary crown on the tooth. This will protect the filling until you come back in for the follow-up. We will want to make certain the filling material has set correctly and that the tooth is fine before we place the permanent crown.

Is a Root Canal the Right Treatment for You?

If can be difficult for you to tell if you need a root canal or if something such as a filling will be enough to treat your condition. That is why you should call us as soon as you start to feel pain in a tooth. If it is just a bad cavity, we may be able to clean and repair the tooth without doing a root canal. However, if the damage is too severe, a root canal may be the only way to save the tooth. If you wait too long, however, an extraction may be the only option.

You will need to come in for an exam to fully determine if a root canal is the right treatment for you. We will do a visual exam and may need to do x-rays or other digital imaging scans to determine the full extent of the damage to the tooth. Call Everglades Family Dental at (754) 764-0465 to schedule your appointment today.

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The team at Everglades Family Dental performs root canals regularly, and the process is not as major or as painful as many people think.
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