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The Process of Teeth Whitening at the Dentist

Posted on 6/6/2022 by Evan
The Process of Teeth Whitening at the DentistTeeth whitening is the process that involves the use of bleaching agents or other whitening materials to make teeth look brighter. The whitening and bleaching materials remove blemishes or other discoloration and stains from the teeth' surface.

Since it is not entirely perfect, teeth whitening procedures may not be as safe or efficient for every patient. So, a dental exam is necessary before starting treatment, and the patient must agree with the dentist on the most appropriate procedure. The dental health professional also discusses the desired results from the process. Patients may expect severely yellow or gray stained teeth to be bleached to a white color. However, bleaching may not work well on some tooth stain shades.

Procedure for Teeth Whitening

Before beginning the in-office procedure, the dentist will record the current natural color of your teeth. Your teeth are then buffed with a granular material, pumice, to dislodge any plaque debris from the teeth' surface.

The dentist places a gauze pad in your mouth to separate your teeth and keep them dry. Dental retractors isolate your cheeks, gums, lips, and tongue away from the whitening solution on the teeth. A dental barrier is also placed on the gingival line to prevent them from exposure to the bleaching solution. The dentist then coats the front tooth surface with the whitening solution containing a bleaching agent, such as hydrogen or carbamide peroxide.

Fluoride application on the teeth is used on the teeth surface to ease tooth sensitivity after the procedure. Many bleaching products require curing using a particular light or laser to trigger the peroxide. The bleach is then left on the teeth surface for 60 minutes reapplying in intervals. The process completes after the intended shade has been achieved or the maximum time has elapsed.

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