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What Happens During a Routine Dental Checkup

Posted on 5/9/2022 by Evan
What Happens During a Routine Dental CheckupDental checkups play a vital role in maintaining oral health by keeping the gums and teeth healthy. One is advised to have a dental checkup after every six months. During the visit, two exercises happen there are the examination and the cleaning process. The next activity that is carried out is oral prophylaxis.

The dentist will look for cavities and gum diseases during the dental checkup. X-rays can be done to detect cavities between the mouth and gum diseases below the gum line. The dentist also examines the plaque and tartar which has stuck on the teeth. If the plaque is not removed, it hardens, forming a more complex substance called tartar which is not removed with flossing and brushing. Tartar and plaque, if they accumulate inside the mouth and are not removed, can lead to gum diseases.

The next step is that the gums will be examined with the help of a probe, and the spaces between the gums and teeth are measured. For healthy gums, the rooms are shallow, and if a person is experiencing gum diseases, the spaces are profound.

The dentist also thoroughly examines the neck, tongue, and face. The teeth are also cleaned during the visit. A deep cleaning process called scaling will be conducted to remove tartar since it cannot be removed via flossing and brushing. After scaling and root planning, the teeth will be polished to remove stains present in the teeth. The final step the dentist performs is flossing between the teeth.

What Should a Patient Do After Each Dental Visit

During dental checkups, one should take care of the gums and teeth. One should brush and floss the teeth after every meal to avoid food debris buildup. With the help of a mouth wash, one can use it to control plaque. It also freshens the mouth.

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