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Signs It's Time To See Your Dentist

Posted on 4/11/2022 by Evan
Signs It's Time To See Your DentistA dental visit is not just the routine trips you make to a dental office for cleanings and checkups. You should also see a dentist if you develop dental problems, expectedly. You should not ignore any dental issue you experience, no matter how mild it may seem. Most dental problems, including gum disease and bad breath or even a cavity, are taken care of better when they have not progressed to advanced stages.

When to See a Dentist

As part of your usual oral hygiene routine, you need to regularly take a trip to a dental office. Often, these visits are done every six months and focus on checkups, evaluations, and professional cleanings. They also involve screening for oral cancer. At these checkups, a dentist keeps an eye out for suspicious symptoms and signs. The dentist can catch any dental issues before they worsen and become unsolvable.

A dentist, for instance, can detect gum disease when it is in its early stages such as gingivitis, making it easier to reverse it. And you know when gum disease goes past the initial stage, it is very difficult to manage. A dentist also performs teeth cleaning to remove the sticky white film known as plaque, which has harmful bacteria that cause gum disease and decay. The dental professional is able to remove the build-up plaque in areas you are able to reach without specialty tools.

Another reason to get to a dentist is when you start experiencing pain and irregularities in your smile. If you are experiencing pain, tooth sensitivity, or problems with your dental restorations or oral appliances like Invisalign, you need to get to a dentist. The sooner a dentist identifies issues with your bite, the easier it is to treat them. It also allows you to keep a great relationship with the dentist, which, in turn, helps keep your smile healthy and shining. If your scheduled regular dental checkup is due, or you have pain in your teeth, contact us today to set up an appointment.

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