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Dealing with chronic toothache

Posted on 2/7/2022 by Evan
Dealing with chronic toothacheToothaches come in different forms but one thing is that they reflect that there is an oral health issue and you need a dental check-up. Having a toothache can be chronic and this means that you need emergency dental care. One cause for a toothache is tooth decay, gum disease, trauma, bruxism, misaligned teeth, impaction, or even abscesses. Our dental team will treat a toothache if it is caused by any of the reasons.

Easing discomfort with salty water

If you gargle salt water you remove the bacteria in the mouth and this will reduce swelling if you are swollen. Do not swallow the water after gargling. This is only done after moments as you wait to see the dentist. Salty water is important in keeping bacteria and germs away. The salty water might not take the pain away but it will soothe the teeth and will prevent germs and infections from spreading more. Seek immediate dental treatment after use of salty water.

Use painkillers

Using over-the-counter medication will reduce the effects of toothaches. You need to swallow painkillers and not apply them to the gums as the acid can burn the gum tissues. Use painkillers as you wait to see a dental professional. You can also use ice and compress it on the cheek of the affected tooth. The dentist will come up with a treatment to deal with the tooth pain.


After seeing the dentist they may recommend that the tooth needs to be extracted if they realize that procedures like root canals and fillings. Our dental team will determine the cause of the toothache and will come up with the best treatment option for you. Visit us for a filling, root canal, or even extraction procedure if you have a chronic toothache.

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