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Why Are Mouth Guards So Important?

Posted on 1/24/2022 by Weo Admin
Why Are Mouth Guards So Important?hPicture yourself without your front teeth. Imagine how you would eat, smile, or talk. Don't like what you see, do you? Herein lies the benefit of mouth guards.

Also called 'mouth protectors', mouth guards help reduce the impact of face injuries on your teeth, therefore, reducing the risk of damaging your teeth or injuries to your lip, tongue, or jaw.

When Should You Wear Them?

Mouth guards come in handy for all kinds of sports, especially where the players are at risk of dental injuries, concussions, fractured jaws, etc. You will also find that mouth guards are especially mandatory for body-contact sports including boxing, hockey and others where the risk of contact with others is very high.

Of course, dental injuries aren't always caused by player-on-player collisions. Numerous individual sports such as snowboarding, tennis, and other involving hard equipment have the tendency to pose serious dental risks.

How MouthGuards Protects Your Teeth

Mouth guards are designed to absorb the impact around your mouth areas before it reaches your teeth. You see, most mouth guards are manufactured using forgiving and resilient materials and they cover and protect the wearer's upper teeth. In doing so, they protect the jaws, gums, and the entire mouth and redistributes the force of impact.

They Protect Your Braces

If you wear braces or have had fixed bridgework, then you especially need a fitted mouthguard. A blow to the face in either case could damage orthodontic appliances and a mouth guard could act as a barrier between your lips, cheeks, and braces.

If you need mouthguards or are involved in any contact sport, call us at (754) 764-0465 to schedule an appointment or to learn more about how to maintain your mouth guard and give them thorough cleaning.

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