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What Happens If a Root Canal Fails?

Posted on 1/10/2022 by Weo Admin
What Happens If a Root Canal Fails?Following a successful root canal procedure, the tooth will slowly settle in, and the pain will gradually go away. However, if you consistently feel the pain after treatment or the pain re-occurs after you have recovered, then the root canal procedure probably failed. In that case, we will need to redo it. Therefore, if you notice that your tooth canal has failed, contact our offices for an appointment to fix the issue. A failed root canal may fail due to numerous reasons.

Causes of Root Canal Failure

A root canal may fail because of the bacteria that remain present in the root of your tooth. Such bacteria find a way of re-entering the tooth after treatment. There are several other causes of root canal failure. For instance, it could be due to a dislodged or leaking dental filling. This can lead to the entry of bacteria into the tooth. Also, dental crowns can lead to leakages that result in root canal failure. Similarly, a dislodged dental filling can leave spaces in your tooth, making it vulnerable to bacteria attack. When this happens, you will start experiencing symptoms of decay like toothaches and sensitivity.

Another common cause of root canal failure is a fractured or cracked tooth. A cracked tooth means its enamel is damaged. The enamel is a thick layer that protects your tooth from bacterial intrusion. When it is damaged, your tooth is exposed to bacteria and other pathogens. You are more likely to experience root canal failure with a fractured or cracked tooth.

Cavities or dental decay can also cause root canal failure. These conditions affect the health of your teeth, canceling the gains made by the procedure. Tooth decay can occur, especially if there are leakages or dislodged dental filling. Keep in mind that other conditions like periodontal ligament can also cause root canal failure. You should be on the lookout for signs of these dental issues and visit us immediately you notice any of the symptoms. Visit our offices for more information on the root canal procedure.

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