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Should I Think About Dentures?

Posted on 4/1/2024 by Weo Admin
Photo of dentures from Everglades Family Dental in Pembroke Pines, FLFew things are more embarrassing than wanting to smile or laugh but not being able to because you do not want everyone to notice your missing teeth. Most adults have lost a tooth or two over the course of their adult lives, so one missing tooth is not that big of a deal unless it is in the front. However, once you start to lose several teeth, it may be time to think about dentures. Here are some reasons it may be time to think about getting dentures.

Your Remaining Teeth Will Shift

Depending on how many teeth you have left, you may notice that the few teeth you still have remaining will shift over to try and fill the place left by your missing teeth. This can cause your jaws to get out of alignment, which may lead to jaw pain, ear pain, and headaches. Also, your teeth may become crooked as they try to cover the area of your jaw that needs additional teeth.

It May Be Difficult to Eat

Your molars are for grinding or crushing, while your incisors and canines rip or tear your food. Your teeth work together to break your food up so you can digest it easily and get plenty of nutrition. However, the fewer teeth you have, the more difficult it is going to be to chew difficult foods such as steak, vegetables and fruits, and cereal or popcorn. In fact, you may have to resort to sipping your food, which does not give you a lot of variety in your diet.

You May Struggle to Speak Clearly

Your teeth and tongue work together to make your voice and speech intelligible. Without teeth, your words may sound slurred or mushy. While people who know you well - your friends and family - will be able to understand you, other people may struggle to understand what you are trying to say. This is especially true if you are angry or excited.


Thinking it is time to get dentures? It may be time to consider your options. When you are ready to discuss dentures, our dentists are ready to listen. Why not give us a call today to set up an appointment?

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