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Different Types Of Dental Fillings

Posted on 9/11/2023 by Evan
Different Types Of Dental FillingsOral problems that cause holes or cracks in the teeth are treated using dental fillings. In the case of cavities, the decayed tooth tissue is removed and replaced by the filling material. Dental restorations or dental fillings are used to restore the function of a missing tooth structure. There are different types of filling, let us look into them below.

The fillings can be done using silver amalgam, gold, porcelain, resin, or tooth-colored plastics. Another material that has recently been put to use is the glass ionomer. It is used the same way as composite fillings.

Gold fillings

Gold cast fillings are said to be the most durable. They can last at least 10 to 15 years and they are not prone to corrosion. Gold fillings are also strong and so, they can withstand chewing forces. Furthermore, they are appealing to the eye hence more patients tend to go for them. These types of fillings however take time to put in place. you will therefore need to visit the dentist more often than twice for the best results.

Amalgams (silver fillings)

The characteristics of these types of fillings resemble those of gold-cast fillings in terms of durability and strength. However, they are less expensive as compared to gold and composite resin fillings. They are however said to cause a grayish hue on the teeth around it. Apart from that, they are prone to cracking. Silver experiences a wider degree of expansion and contraction, therefore, leading to more fractures.

Tooth-colored composites

Now, this type of filling is the most comfortable. It is designed to mimic the natural tooth color forming an aesthetic look. This makes them preferable for designing the in-front teeth dentures. Composite fillings also bond to the surrounding teeth structure supporting them. As compared to amalgam fillings, less tooth structure is removed to accommodate them.

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