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What Causes A White Tongue?

Posted on 9/25/2023 by Evan
What Causes A White Tongue?A healthy tongue usually has small bumps (papillae), which aid in tasting, speaking, and swallowing. It is also pink, but it may range from light to dark. Therefore, changes in the color of your tongue may indicate underlying oral issues. For instance, white coatings on the tongue's surface can be a symptom of severe oral condition. While a white tongue may go away on its own, it is good to consult a dentist to determine the root cause. Here are three common causes of a white tongue:

Poor Oral Hygiene

Good oral hygiene is the first step toward a healthy tongue. Ignoring tongue cleaning can lead to bacteria buildup, which makes the papillae swollen and discolored. In addition, lack of enough moisture makes the mouth a breeding ground for bacteria, which results in a white tongue. Do you know that you can maintain the health of your tongue by cleaning it daily? This may involve a tongue scraper to remove build-up and mouthwash to kill harmful bacteria. Be sure to consume a lot of fluids to prevent dehydration.

Tongue Injury

It is common to bite your tongue when eating. Burns from foods and dental appliances such as damaged braces can also hurt your tongue, resulting in pain and white tissues. Generally, an injured tongue can heal on its own. However, if not cared for, it could result in bacteria growth and infections. For this reason, you may need to consider a mouth rinse after a tongue injury.


Thick, white patches on the tongue may also be a sign of leukoplakia. This oral condition can cause pain when swallowing and difficulty opening the mouth. It is most common in people who consume alcohol or tobacco products. Sometimes leukoplakia may be harmless but can turn into tongue cancer if left untreated. Don't wait until the white tongue harms your oral health! Schedule an appointment today, and our professional will create a personalized treatment plan for your white tongue.

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