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What Dental Radiography Does In Diagnosis

Posted on 8/21/2023 by Evan
What Dental Radiography Does In Diagnosis Dental radiography is the use of X-rays to capture images in the oral cavity. Dental X-rays have low radiation exposure and are significant in the health assessment of your teeth.

Detecting Tooth Caries and Periodontal Irregularities

Radiography is a key diagnostic tool. For instance, with a new patient, it is prudent to conduct an X-ray to ascertain the root cause of any given dental problem. Before tooth decay can become visible to the naked eye, the only other way to identify the onset is through X-rays. Whether it is cavities in between the teeth or under the filling, digital imaging can spot the inception. Under the lens of the X-ray, dentists can tell the extent of bone loss which is one of the danger signs of periodontal disease. Other times, dental radiography can help detect cases of dental trauma. Fractures and dislocations are not easy to detect during a routine clinical exam unless an X-ray is done. Early diagnosis is paramount in ensuring the de-escalation of dental ailments that could have far reach effects if allowed to progress.

Tooth Development Assessment

The need to have X-rays done is more prevalent in children than adults. This is because dentists may need to monitor the growth of the children's adult teeth. Of prime importance are the positioning and the growth of unerupted teeth. Teeth positioning is very crucial when planning for any form of orthodontic treatment. Depending on the growth pattern in children, a dentist is better informed on whether they need to pull out the baby's teeth to avert the chances of complications in the future. One instance of complication is when the adult teeth grow behind the baby teeth.

Restorations and Implants Evaluation

Be it bridges, crowns, implants, or any other dental device, assessment is crucial in ascertaining the stability of these devices. Radiography comes in handy in this assessment. The doctors can evaluate whether implants or bridges are secured in place without the possibility of shifting. We are rooted in dental expertise and you can count on our doctor's advice.

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