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What Is Halitosis?

Posted on 7/10/2023 by Evan
What Is Halitosis?This is a term used to mean bad breath. Halitosis can be chronic, meaning one has an oral health issue or affection of any other part of the body. Everyone gets bad breath from time, depending on the foods one eats, like onions or other strong foods, for instance, garlic. This condition affects many people and is also a sign of other conditions in the body.

Symptoms of Halitosis

If this condition is fixed for a short period, then this means there might be something happening in the body apart from bad breath. These other conditions may include; throat and mouth infections which make one stinky. Smoking and tobacco leave an odor on one's breath. It also brings about mouth dryness and can cause periodontitis, leading to halitosis.

Deeper pockets in the gums and teeth cavities give room for an accumulation of bacteria, which is difficult to remove by cleaning the teeth through brushing. Hence, it can result in halitosis. Apart from halitosis being connected to mouth-related issues, it can also be a result of kidney or liver diseases, diabetes, or gastric reflux.

Treatment of halitosis

It is advisable to be keen on your breath. If you notice a change, then it's good to make a dental routine, such as cleaning your teeth twice a day by use of fluoride toothpaste. Reduce the use of caffeine, drink plenty of water, and chew sugarless gum. This will help in maintaining saliva flow, thus boosting breath freshness.

If the bad breath persists, then it's a good time to make a dental follow-up with a dentist. We will help in tracking down the causes and, therefore, begin the treatment procedure. The treatment is based on the major cause of the condition. This can include giving instructions on the medication to undertake or routine activities that will help in taking care of the teeth.

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