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What Is Dental Splinting?

Posted on 6/5/2023 by Evan
What Is Dental Splinting?A loose tooth is something you should not ignore. It can cause discomfort or create a breeding space for bacteria. If left untreated, a loose tooth can result in tooth loss. In this case, a dentist may recommend dental splinting to prevent oral issues in the future. Dental splinting is a procedure used to strengthen loose teeth. It involves a stabilizer or a split to join the loose teeth with the neighboring strong teeth.

What Makes Adult Teeth to Become Loose?

Gum disease is the leading cause of loose teeth in adults. This oral issue destroys the surrounding tissues that support the teeth. The biggest problem with this condition is that it can be silent. Thus, you may not notice that you are having it until it becomes severe. That's why regular dental appointments are vital.

When the supporting tissues wear off, the teeth become weak and loosen. Other causes of loose teeth are injury and hormonal imbalances. The good thing is that you can prevent teeth from falling off by considering teeth splinting. This procedure helps to join the loose teeth together using a reinforced wire to increase stability. It also helps to save loose teeth while improving their functionality.

Benefits of Teeth Splinting

Nothing beats the power of natural teeth. They provide a natural appearance and give you a normal biting force. Hence, saving your natural teeth should be a priority. Dental splinting is one way to avoid losing your teeth. It helps to keep your natural tooth structure, allowing you to chew, speak, and breathe properly. Besides, you will maintain your healthy bone levels.

Types of Dental Splinting Techniques

As you know, dental splinting involves durable materials and custom wires to secure loose teeth. This procedure entails two types of dental splints: temporary and permanent splints. A dentist can use temporary splints for a short period to allow the gums to heal. Permanent splints, on the other hand, offer a long-lasting solution, and the longevity will depend on your oral hygiene. Do you experience teeth movement when you bite or touch the teeth? Contact us, and our professionals will help to restore the strength of your teeth.

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