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Five Stages of Teething and Helpful Hints

Posted on 3/6/2023 by Evan
Five Stages of Teething and Helpful HintsWhen your baby is born, they usually have a full set of teeth below the gumline. Six months down the line up to age three, the twenty teeth gradually erupt into view. Teething can be uncomfortable for the baby and your baby might get fussy, have a loss of appetite, drooling more than usual, be irritable, and have trouble sleeping. Teething happens in various stages and by knowing what to do while it happens, a parent can alleviate the discomfort it comes with.

Stages of Teething

The first stage begins when the babies are born up to the sixth month. Babies are born with no teeth above the gum line. They however have a full set below the gum line. The second stage begins at six months. The front teeth, the incisors, and both the upper and the lower ones are the first teeth to show.

The third stage lasts between ten and fourteen months. At this stage, premolars come into view. The fourth stage lasts between sixteen and twenty-two months. At this stage, the canines erupt. Finally, the fifth and last stage lasts between twenty-five and thirty-three months. Molars are the last teeth to erupt.

Soothing a Baby who is Teething

Your baby may experience sore gums when teething begins. To relieve this soreness, you can try running a clean finger or a cool spoon around their gums. Ensure you are gentle as you do this. A cold pacifier can also do the trick. Generally, a cold teether can be really soothing. Try to use your finger to massage their gums severally, especially before feeding them from your breast. Chances are, they might bite your nipple and the massage might help prevent that. You can also buy teethers that they can chew on. Solid rubber is the best material for a teether.

Dental Care when Teething Begins

Once teething starts, you can use wet clean gauze to clean their teeth' and gum at least twice a day. This helps to both keep their mouth clean and to soothe their sore gums. From the age of one year onwards, you can use a soft toothbrush to brush your teeth with a little amount of toothpaste.

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